Neighbourhood Associations

“[Neighbourhood] Associations have the potential to be on the front lines, at the neighbourhood level of important social, cultural, environmental and community issues. They can respond in countless ways to the needs of their residents; fostering and supporting them to fully and actively engage in community and civic life…. [Neighbourhood] Associations have the potential to mobilize citizens and local resources to make a vital contribution to community life – enriching the quality of life and well being of their communities. Overall, [Neighbourhood] Associations can provide a shared sense of citizenship and inclusion.” — Federation of Calgary Communities

Lethbridge Neighbourhood Groups (Associations)

Click here for an easy “How To” Guide for establishing a Neighbourhood Association in your community

Members of the Council of Lethbridge Neighbourhoods

  • Garry Station Neighbourhood Association
  • London Road Neighbourhood Association
  • Tudor Estates Neighbourhood Association
  • Senator Buchanan Neighbourhood Association
  • Westminster Village Committee

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